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Caridade Camera is a hand-made wooden camera that is both a camera and darkroom in one. It takes high-contrast 4x5 inches black and white images on Ilford fibre paper. The camera is completely manual while the photographic process is analogue using chemicals and light sensitive paper. By using a sprinkle of "magic, this unique experience will transport you to the olden days, where having your picture taken was all about wonder, chance and excitement. You can book the Caridade Camera experience for events, parties, festivals and for photoshoots. If you have got any questions or would like more information, please contact me on

Queer Call Festival - Folkestone 2024

Coppice Oratory - Kent Downs Way 2023

Folk from Stone started as drawings of imaginary beings from a place called Stone, beings with great big boulders for heads. 

For Queercall Caridade is inviting the community to be photographed with an instant box camera called Caridade Camera, that takes black and white pictures in the tradition of afghan street photography and to be part of Stone, a place for inclusivity, artistic expression and equality. 

This is a participatory event where people can come into the DNA Gallery on Tontine Street and get their portraits shot by the artist, which will then be hung on the gallery's walls. This project aims to represent the local community and create a timeless collection of images that will culminate into a fanzine.


 Joao from Caridade World took a series of brilliant photos at an event for the preview launch of a new sculpture on the North Downs Way Art Trail, for Kent Downs AONB. 

It was a brilliant way to commemorate and mark a moment where the public were invited to engage with the architects and this new sculpture. 

Joao was great to communicate with and worked really hard in very difficult circumstance in a remote area, with mud and rain. The final photos are a beautiful work of art which members of the public can keep forever.

Charlotte Chapman - Art Project Management

Medieval Animal Heritage Workshop - Dover Castle 2023

Caridade Camera was at Dover Castle to deliver an Art and Photography workshop for SEN families provided by the Medieval Animal Heritage where families created masks inspired by the The Medieval Bestiary - Animals in the Middle Ages (in particular the Rochester Bestiary) a manuscript from the 13th century containing 55 images of birds and beasts, painted in gold and bright colours.

Families were provided with materials to create their own masks then to be photographed with the camera. The results were unexpected, fun and fantastical mirroring the main characteristics of the manuscript itself.


Charles Dickens Festival - Broadstairs 2023